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This page is under construction for the website

Your website space begins with this file, called index.html. This file belongs to you, and you may change it or replace it as necessary with one of your own design, however the main page on your website, and the page from which every access starts, must always be called index.html. Several images files have been placed in your images directory as part of your account setup. Feel free to delete these files if you wish, when you customize your index.html page to suit your needs.

Please note that this system runs the Linux operating system. Linux works and acts much like the Unix™ operating system. As on Unix™, the names of files are case sensitive, and the names you reference in links must match those of local files with regard to case. This is different from the situaion on Microsoft™ operating systems where the names of files and directories are case insensitive. Additionally, unless you're familiar with the issue, don't use spaces in filenames for your website pages or images. References to files with spaces in their names will not work in HTML without the use of special code.

There are many tools on FMP's server available to help you. You can access statistics for traffic to your site at Enter your account and username and select the statistics you want to display from among the options available.

For customers with Premium Web Service, a high-speed database is available and pages may be enhanced with dynamic content using PHP (see for more information on using this powerful resource).

FMP's server runs Ubuntu GNU/Linux from Canonical, one of the most reliable distributions of one of the most reliable operating systems available in the world.
Web service is provided by the Apache web server, version 2.4. Apache's web server software provides web service on more than 60% of the websites around the world.
Dynamic HTML service for Premium Web Service accounts is provided by PHP version 5. PHP is used to provide dynamic content (shopping carts, registries, dynamic forms, database intrefaces, and much more) on over 21 million websites worldwide.
If you need help, please don't hesitate to call FMP at (512) 259-1190 or email with questions or requests.